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The Black Feather Foundation Hosts Art Workshop for Refugee Children

Updated: Jun 28

The Black Feather Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering refugee children through sports, health and education, proudly hosted its inaugural art workshop for refugee children. This significant event marks the beginning of a series of creative workshops designed to inspire and uplift refugee children.

The workshop brought together children that have faced unimaginable challenges, having fled dangerous situations and adapting to new languages, customs and ways of life. The theme of the artwork was The Four Seasons, representing the transitions and changes these children have endured, from times of hardship to new beginnings. The children, who are sons and daughters of those who assisted our U.S. Armed Forces – maintaining P1, P2 and Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) status – engaged in various art projects under the guidance of enthusiastic volunteers, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

“Art is an incredible and unique freedom of expression;” said Founder and Chairman Joseph E. Robert III. “It provides remarkable insight into a child's thoughts and feelings, and serves as a healthy outlet as well. The transition of their art – from images of fear and despair, during evacuation and processing; to positive images of peaceful landscapes, people playing or building things, hope and optimism for the future as they continue settling into their new homes – is an amazing thing to bear witness to. It’s a testament to the importance of supporting their acclimation.”
Michael Bassett, Chief of Staff, added; "Our goal is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for these children to thrive. The joy and creativity displayed in this workshop highlights the importance of our mission and the profound impact we can have on these young lives."

Art plays a crucial role in the mental health and well-being of these children. It provides an outlet for processing emotions, reducing stress and building self-esteem. Additionally, these workshops foster friendships and understanding, allowing children to connect with peers who share similar experiences and mentors that offer guidance and support. By promoting creativity and expression, along with our ongoing efforts in sports, health and education, The Black Feather Foundation strives to create a nurturing community that supports the holistic health and growth of these young individuals.

The Black Feather Foundation looks forward to hosting more workshops and events that inspire and empower refugee children through sports, health and education, helping them overcome challenges and thrive in their new communities.

Children are our future. Let's support these resilient young individuals by providing the resources they need to thrive and build a brighter tomorrow.


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