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Dear Supporters, 

The Black Feather Foundation aspires to be the champion for the soldiers who worked alongside our government, for the children who have suffered at the hands of terrorism, and for the families who have persevered under the oppressive presence of the Taliban regime.

TBFF aims to provide guidance for the caregivers and sponsor community programs such as Children’s Opportunities Afforded by Combining Health, Exercise and Sports (COACHES). These initiatives will foster a sense of belonging for the children while helping build a sense of safety and security formerly unattainable for these families. We ask that you join us in our mission.

With your help, we will be able to provide these families with the tools to succeed. Together we can connect refugees to the right resources and continue assisting those who want to pursue their dream of human dignity, and to live free from oppression and violence.

When you donate to our foundation, you will become a part of positive change in our communities, our Nation, and the world. Your gift of a new beginning will reduce tremendous hardships.

Please support us in our efforts via the Donate button below.

With our sincere thanks and respect,

The Black Feather Foundation

The Black Feather Foundation (TBFF) is a 501c(3) charitable tax exempt organization est. 2021, with the EIN:87-4037646, registered in the state of Virginia. In accordance with the Internal Revenue Service guidelines, TBFF maintains discretion and sole control over the use of all donated funds. All donations are in U.S. dollars and non-refundable. In practice, TBFF honors the giving preferences for any of our previously approved programs and projects whenever possible. In rare cases, when that is not possible, gifts will be used where needed. Therefore, donors explicitly release TBFF from any restrictions on how those funds are spent. No goods or services were provided in return for any contribution. Contributions may be eligible for a tax deduction as allowed by law.
If you have any questions regarding your donation(s) or The Black Feather Foundation, or you need a receipt or a statement of any of your contributions, please feel free to contact us at, and please put the word "donation" in the subject line.

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